Guardians of the Ribbon, Inc.
Wichita Area Chapter of the Pink Heals Tour
We are a group of firefighters, alongside various members of the community and family members who selflessly donate their time to travel around Kansas, near - and sometimes far - in a pink fire truck that is on a new mission, after years of fighting fire.  Her new mission is to spread Love and Hope and to Create Immediate Care in support of women with all forms of Cancer - not just Breast Cancer!  Pink is the color of Love and the color that we have wrapped our baby girls in the moment they are born for decades!  As we surround her in her color, Cancer Survivors, Co-Survivors and those whose lives have been affected by Cancer; many who have lost loved ones to Cancer are encouraged to sign our pink fire truck, as a traveling memorial.  The sentiments that are written on our truck encourage those that are still fighting their battle to fight harder and to let them all know that they are loved and cared about and are not alone in their fight!  If we are near your location and you know of a woman or child who is too sick from Cancer to come to us, please let us know... we will go to them!

The Guardians of the Ribbon are helping to Create Immediate Care for the local women of your communities suffering from Cancer by enabling you to hold fundraisers that are designed to keep your funds local!  The lady across the street might need a wig... the lady down the way may not be able to pay her bills, as she is too weak to work.  These are the people we need to be spending our donated monies on!  Corporations can and will continue to fund the Corporate Charities, but let's take back our communities and help each other out!  We offer our artwork for free to help raise these funds... all we ask in return is that you spend the dollars raised to help your local citizens who are suffering from Cancer!